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Other Kiribati Websites

Hopefully you have landed or come to this page because you've searched for Kiribati websites. If so, then below are the links to such active websites! The sites have been grouped in relation to their types. Hope the site(s) you are looking for is in the lists! The lists will be occasionally updated.

 Education & Schools & Centres:

             Junior Secondary School TUC1             Fisheries Training Center
             Catholic Education Office                       Kiribati Institute Of Technology
             Marine Training Center

 Social Networking Sites

              Kiribati Online Community                    Kiribati Tungaru Association

 News & Info & Forum & Blog  

              Kiribati Books                                        Tarawa On The Web
              Kiribati Updates                                    Jane Resture Oceania
              The Kiribati Independent                       Kiribati Stories

 Groups & Organisations

              Kiribati National Olympic Committee   Kiribati Computer & Internet Society
 Private Companies

              Taotin Trading                                      Moel Trading
              Pintech                                                  Kiribati Central

 Public Companies

              Kiribati Port Authority                         Otintaai Hotel
              Kiribati Tourism                                  Telecommunication Authority Of Kiribati

 Churches & Groups

              Kiribati Protestant Church

Music & Photographs

              New Music For Kiribati                          Ntaenekiribatimusic
              Ocean Side Boyz                                  @eroBrothers Muzic

Government Ministries & Offices

              Ministry Fisheries Marine Resouces                  Kiribati Tourism
              Office Of Te Beretitenti                                         Kiribati National Audit Office
              Kiribati House Of Parliament                               Kiribati Island Protected Area
              Climate Change                                                    Ministry of Finance
              Ministry of Commerce Industry and Coop          Ministry of Environment

If your Kiribati website is not yet listed and you want it to be included, or if you know more of similar sites that fit into the groups, please let us know so we consider adding them.

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