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We suggest you read these guidelines before posting stories or items. They explain the types of accepted and unaccepted stories plus other important things. Note that these guidelines may change any time - with or without notification. If you have comments regarding these terms, please feel free to contact us.

Accepted Stories:
- Stories meant generally for entertainment and information.
- Traditional and Modern stories of Kiribati you know of and not yet published here.
- Your own creations - stories that you have personally created and wish to share.
- Not your creations however you have gained permissions to share them.
- Other articles related to the people and islands of Kiribati (news, culture, etc). 

Not Accepted Stories:
- Dirty or Adult stories - stories that will stimulate sexual feelings.
- Stories meant to hurt and attack others - people, groups, islands, cultures, countries.
- Stories believed to stir up hate and dispute among the people, groups or islands.
- Stories that you neither created nor owned - copyrighted items.

- You must be the owner of the stories (articles) in order to be able to post them here.
- To add a story that is created by someone - make sure you have gained the approval.
- Add popular Kiribati traditional stories - for no one specifically owns them as they had been around our midst for quite a long time. We refer them as public stories!
- If you want to add a public story which has been clearly edited by someone (e.g from books or other sources) you need to get the right permission.

Our Rights:
All stories posted in this website are jointly owned by both SFK members and administrators! The two will approve requests for uses other than for personal and educational purposes. 

Story Length:
We don't have solid limits to the length of stories, but shorter stories (less than 1000 words) are better in many ways than longer ones. If possible, please try minimizing your stories or consider dividing longer ones into 'parts'.

Story Language:
Since English is the universal language that many people understand, we therefore encourage our members to post the English versions of their articles. But that isn't a fixed rule as stories written in Kiribati language are also accepted. Feel free to choose the language that can fully colour your story and there you go. If a need for translations comes up, then hopefully members or SFK may provide that.

Story Approval:
Accept the fact that all stories posted at SFK have to be approved before they could be publicly displayed for reading. So once you click on a publish button, you will then be notified that your story needs to be approved. The process won't take long. Stories will be successfully gained approval if they pass these guidelines. Informed or not, your stories will not be published and be removed - if only they ain't inline with the guidelines. Yes this is done to stop naughty members from posting irrelevant items. We indeed have to do this as a way of acquiring good standard - for the sake of our writers, users and of course SFK website!

Story Removal:
Removal of already published stories may happen if requests are reasonable. The writer will be notified before the item is removed.

If you agree with these guidelines then you can start posting your stories or other items. If you can't find answers to some of your submission queries, please visit our FAQ page or drop us questions via this contact us page. We may reconsider some of our guidelines for the sake of those involved!

Happy Reading & Posting!