Stories From Kiribati

A place where we could add stories and photos related to Kiribati!

Please read these guidelines before posting stories or articles. They clarify the types of accepted and unaccepted stories which can or can not be posted to SFK. Note that these guidelines may change any time. If you have comments regarding these terms, please feel free to contact us.

1) Stories meant generally for entertainment and information.
2) Legends you know of that aren?t yet published here.
3) Personal creations - stories that you have written and wish to share.
4) Stories that you have gained permission to share.
5) Other categories & genre such as - poems, news, speeches, culture, riddles, puzzles, jokes, etc. 

1) Adult (dirty) stories intended to stimulate sexual feeling.
2) Stories meant to hurt or attack other people, groups and places.
3) Stories that may cause hatred and dispute among people, groups and places.
4) History stories (considered to be true) that involve conflicts, racism, discrimination, abuse & violence among people, groups and places.
5) Stories that you neither own nor given permission to share (copyrighted items).
6) And other we may consider to be inappropriate for reasons we may haven?t included here.

1) You must be the owner of the stories in order to post them.
2) You may add someone?s work if you have permission.
3) Popular legends can be added for nobody owns them as they?ve been around our midst for a long time.
4) To add a popular legend that has already been published somewhere, be sure to write it in your own words, style & structure before posting it.

All stories posted onto this website are owned by SFK and members. Both have agreed that their stories (including photographs) can be used by anyone for personal and student learning purposes. For other purposes, you need to contact us for permission & approval.

We don?t have fixed limit to the length of the stories, but shorter stories (up to 1000 words) are better in many ways than longer ones. If possible, please try minimizing your stories or consider dividing long ones into parts. However, it?s still right to post the whole article. 

Since English is known to many people, we therefore encourage the English versions of the articles. Hence, articles written in Kiribati language are also accepted.

Accept the fact that all stories submitted to SFK must be approved before they are displayed for reading. So once you click on the publish button, you will be notified that your story needs to be approved. The process won?t take long. Stories will successfully gain approval if they pass these guidelines (you?re now reading). If disapproved, you will also be informed - if only they ain?t in-line with the guidelines. Yes, this is done to avoid irrelevant and inappropriate items. It?s also a way of having decent contents for the sake of members, users and the site. We want our readers and users to feel happy!

Removal of already published stories may happen if requests are reasonable. The writer will be notified before the item is removed.

If you agree with these guidelines, then you can start posting your stories or other items. If you can?t find answers to some of your queries, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or drop us a line via this contact us page. We may review some of our guidelines if necessary for the sake of those involved.

Health, Peace & Honour. Ko rabwa.