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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these stories for?
These stories are for those who like reading stories related to the people and islands of Kiribati. 

What types of stories?
There are Legends & Myths, Funny, Children, Personal stories and more. Other types include articles such as: News, Poems, Puzzles and so on. 

Are the stories free to use?
Yes, they are free - for personal and educational purposes only. As for commercial uses, please contact the writers (members) for permission.

Do I have to link back to this site?
No! If you use our stories, a back link to SFK is not required. However, if you want to link back to the site, then know that we really do appreciate. 

Who owns these stories?
Stories published here are jointly owned by both story owners (members) and SFK. 

Can I add my stories?
Yes you can add your items - once you have become one of SFK members or have joined the site!

Who can become a member?
Anyone who likes reading our stories or wishes to post similar items can become a member. 

How do I add my own story?
Simply click on stories tab > post new entry > enter title > choose category > type or paste your story inside text box > publish button. That's it! Be patient then as your story needs to be approved (by administrators) before it is published for readers.  

Why does my story need to be approved?
It is to avoid irrelevant articles. It's also a way of having reasonably good stories and for the sake of our readers, members and SFK site. We guarantee that most stories will get published if they satisfy these submission guidelines. If not approved, then they will be removed.

Can I add my stories without joining SFK?
Sorry, you can't. You have to join SFK so you are able to publish your stories. 

What else can I submit apart from stories?
Other items you can submit include - poems, puzzles, riddles and other articles (related to Kiribati).

What else can I do here?
Here are a few things you can do - browsing, reading, posting, commenting and more 

How long are stories?
We encourage short stories (less than 1000 words). If your story is longer, then consider dividing it into several parts. 

Story language?
Stories written in English are encouraged however those written in Kiribati are also accepted. You have the choice - so choose which language best suits the type of item you are adding.

Can't find answers to my questions!
Please send us question(s) using the form provided in the contact us page. You may also contact us via email app located in your Profile page. Surely, our reply will be sent to you as early as possible!

 Happy Reading & Posting!