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Stories From Kiribati


Insects Insects Bee I shot this somewhere at Tanaea village just beside the road and it was among the weeds. 176589655 Fly This guy came because of the smell coming from the fish being cooked. 177428303 Bee One of the many bees who were too busy on their hive in the coconut leaf. 176773190 Ants Ants feasting on a flower - although they stood still, the flower itself moved about by the wind so I had to make sure I got good focus before I handheld shot it. 176070767 Egg My daughter asked me to take this. She saw it in the branch of the mangrove tree. The mother of the egg wasn't around as we took this picture. 176589656 Insect Lucky that it didn't dare to move as my lens got closer to it. It was in the ngea leaves. Name of this insect is unknown ... name it if you know 176589657 Caterpillar Small caterpillar brought home by my daughter, rest it on a green leaf and started taking pictures of it - here's one of the shots. 176773191 Snail Taking this was very easy as the creature did not move. 176589658 Hive Part of the bee hive 176845459 Caterpillar The front part of small caterpillar. 176773192 Lizard A visitor that came onto my laptop. Then it jumped out onto the plastic lying beside where there I took a shot of it. 176773193 Spider How many eyes does this spider have? Not so sure but it looks like having six eyes - four at the front and two on its head. 176070769 Unknown Mr Unknown insect which was among flies in a damn area outside our home. First time to see this guy. 176845458 Spider 2 I spotted this guy one evening somewhere in the ceiling and close to the light. With the help of the chair, I was able to capture it from this viewpoint. I zoomed in so as to get much closer to its face, then cropped it to go even closer. 205676736