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Stories From Kiribati


Plants & Animals Plants & Animals Breadfruit I took this photograph several months ago. It's a kind of breadfruit that has no seed. 205618119 Crab Beach crab found among the gravel 177427999 Mangrove Tree Mangrove tree standing alone at this spot. 205651005 Mangrove Fruits of the mangrove tree 174283526 Caterpillar The caterpillar I found on one of the non trees around our area. I placed it on a lower branch so that I could take better shots of it. I cropped this image in order to focus on the worm. 205660120 Cat . 176823186 Coconut Tree Shot this particular coconut tree at Temwaiku 205589454 Fruit Pepper growing in a yard 174634721 Leaf New branch shooting out of stem 177626582 Crab Eyes I found this crab under some rubbish. I focused on its eyes and hope it was staring back at my lens. 205647846