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Bakoa, Teimone and The Crab.

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 9, 2021 at 1:30 PM

Bakoa (shark) was indeed a wicked king who wanted to rule the entire ocean all by himself. To attain this savage desire, Bakoa began his brutal killings to all the other kings of the sea. He succeeded that in the end, he became one and the only king of the whole sea empire.

Bakoa had a son named Teimone. But the son had to die since the father still wanted nobody to become king after him. On the set day, Bakoa asked his son to go and hunt for dad's favourite food. Teimone did what was asked of him and while hunting, Nei Kika (huge female octopus) came up to kill him. Yes, Nei Kika was part of Bakoa’s dead trap. Teimone felt frightened to death so he ran away from Nei Kika. Quickly and quietly, he hid himself inside a dark deep ditch located among the rocks. With rage, Nei Kika searched cautiously for her lost prey but finally vanished when failed to find him. Teimone snuck out of his hiding hole and continued his way towards his father’s home. On the way, he came across the bait hanging on an ironwood hook and coming from high above. The bait belonged to Tabwakea who was sitting with anticipation on his canoe at the sea surface. Teimone knew how and why the bait got there, so after applying a quick hard tug, he held onto it.

Tabwakea started pulling his fishing string excitedly, thinking a big fish was caught. But how astonished was he to find someone on his bait! After learning Teimone's story, Tabwakea helped him onto the canoe and the two went back to the island. On the island, Tabwakea and his wife Nei Kanna mirthfully raised Teimone like their own son. Teimone grew up happily in his new home and with parents that treated him so kindly. After some time, Teimone told his land parents that he would, one day, go visit his own father.


The time for Teimone to visit his father had finally arrived. Before he departed, Tabwakea gave him a small crab that would protect him from any danger he might face on his homeward journey.

Teimone finally set off to his father’s stately mansion at the bottom of the sea. Along the way, several huge and most fierce fish appeared to attack him. Sensing that, the crab began to grow in size until it was enormous. It then fought and killed all the fish that came to attack his master. After that, the crab shrank to its normal size and went back into the hands of Teimone.

At last, Teimone had arrived at his father’s mansion! Instantly, all the king’s guards and servants burst forth to kill him. Once again, the crab quickly grew huge and rushed forward to eliminate the charging enemies. After killing everyone, Teimone and his crab went back to Tabwakea and Nei Kanna to live with them, for the rest of his life.

But Teimone had really done something rather strange. He had indeed left the ocean without killing his evil father! And that’s why, from then up to these days, Bakoa (shark) remains the king and killer of the entire sea empire.

Categories: Legends & Myths, Children Stories, Other Stories

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