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How to make a coconut cup

Posted by Amota Eromanga on July 21, 2013 at 5:30 AM

What we are discussing this time is how to make a cup out of the coconut. Wait! Why using coconut cups when there are plenty of other types of cups? Well - they are a lot cheaper, durable and very easy as well as fun to make. Above all, using them at home makes you and your family look traditional and tropical :-)

Just follow the 8 steps below and you will end up with a nice coconut cup that is best for holding both hot and cold drinks. Refer to the images provided below the article for they illustrate the major steps. ... Now .. let’s begin.

Things Needed:

1] Coconut (mature or brown)

2] Knife

3] Hack saw (use other tools that can do the job)

4] Glue

8 Simple Steps

1] Remove the husk of the coconut

2] Pierce the biggest indent (eye) on the coconut with any sharp pointed object (knife or scissors) and drain out the coconut milk

3] Clean the skin (shell) of the coconut thoroughly with the knife then sandpaper

4] Cut the coconut (straight down across the shell) with the hack saw - half way between the eyes and the middle of the coconut - until the coconut falls in two pieces

5] Remove all the white meat from both pieces of the coconut with the knife (Note: the bigger piece is the cup and the smaller piece will be the stand)

6] After removing all the meat, wash the inside of that big piece (cup) thoroughly with water

7] Sand smooth the edge of the cup for mouth drinking safety

8] Use the small piece you cut off in step 4 – glue it upside down to the bottom of the cup so it sits properly

Your cup is completed and could now be used. Try it out with hot and cold drinks. How do you feel with that new cup? Please share your feelings and questions (if any) in the comments. 

Other uses of the cup:

1] Decorations - paint or varnish the outside of the cup so it shines and beautiful.

2] Flower vase - put flowers in it and rest it on your table or hang anywhere in your room

3] Ash tray - it is also a perfect ash tray

4] Holder - pens, stables, pins, etc.

Categories: Culture & Custom

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