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School Prize Giving

Posted by Amota Eromanga on July 12, 2012 at 3:10 AM

Taabon and Uenikai wake up so early and begin doing their morning work. Today is the prize giving day for them which marks the end of the first term of school. They have recently finished their examination and are now waiting for this day. Their school holiday of two weeks starts once the prize giving is done.

Their mother also gets up early because she has to cook her children’s foods for that occasion. She cooks fish, breadfruit and vegetables. She also fries chicken and prepares toddy for their drink. Wow! The smell of food goes into the air! Their father has already got up and cut toddy.

When the children have put on their new dresses and garlands over their heads, their parents call, “Hurry up, we have to go now”

Arriving at the school, they see that many parents have already been there, hence more and more are coming to the school mwaneaba (hall). Everyone looks smart. Children get excited. They run around, others jump while some just sit and talk with friends. Families come and sit anywhere they feel like inside the mwaneaba - as there is plenty of room. Oh, how beautiful the mwaneaba looks as children, teachers and parents sit together!

When everybody is ready, there is silence inside the hall as the festival is about to start. Soon the program starts with the welcoming speech presented by the Island Mayor which then followed by the reporting of Class 1 academic results. Then it goes up to the next classes until it comes to Class 5 reports. Nei Uenikai comes thirteenth in her class of 25 students. When her mother hears that, she is very happy because she knows that Nei Uenikai is always trying her best. Then it comes to Class 7 academic report. Ruuta is overjoyed when she hears Taabon’s name. Taabon goes up to the front to take his award for being the winner of his class of 33 pupils.

All parents feel happy because they have listened to their children’s reports presented by the school teachers. Those who have time to speak during the function encourage children to work harder at school. They also remind those who have achieved high marks to keep that sort of spirit and those who don’t do very well to try harder next term.

“Thank you Uenikai for working hard in school” said mother.

“Congratulations Taabon for being the best in your class! Let’s me shake your hands for the good effort you have shown in school,” the father hugged his children.


Categories: Children Stories

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