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The First Mwaneaba And Boti

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 4, 2012 at 1:20 PM

When Ngkoangkoa had come down, Nareau said to everyone, "Let's all go inside the mwaneaba (meeting hall) so everybody gets a boti (a place to sit). Each of you is free to choose any place you like." The mwaneaba was not very far from Routanikarawa and the distance between the two was said to be a stone's throw.

Nareau went first followed by Ngkoangkoa, Nei Tituabine, Nabwawe, Karitoro, Rikannaaba, Toronaaba, Ten Tika, Tabuariki, Auriaria, Tabwakea, Bakoa, Kaobunang and Nei Tewenei. That was how they lined themselves walking all the way until they got inside the mwaneaba at Buariki.

Everybody now sat at their chosen boti. Only bunnanti (crowd of tiny spirits) had no where to sit, therefore Nareau just located them behind the thatches as they were too tiny and abundant in numbers. Their (bunnanti) job was to help and provide assistance to anybody. They were also called ikutaia.

Nareau then went and stood at the boutabu-n-nuka (center pillar) - a special boti for him which was at the center of the mwaneaba. The western side of the mwaneaba was left unoccupied as it was reserved for visitors only. Nareau then said, "The place you are sitting at now will forever remain as your boti inside this mwaneaba and any other mwaneabas you may later visit. Your family members will share the boti with you."

After that, he reminded his people to call bunnanti if they ever needed help. He demonstrated:

          "Bunnanti Bunnanti of the North O!"
          "Bunnanti Bunnanti of the South O!"
          "Bunnanti Bunnanti of the West O!"
          "Bunnanti Bunnanti of the East O!"

"When you have called to the four corners, then you can start asking bunnanti what to do!" Nareau continued.

[This was an old story telling about the first mwaneaba and how people got their first boti]


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