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Nareau and The Bomatemaki Floor

Posted by Amota Eromanga on May 29, 2012 at 2:10 PM

When the 'bora' (top part or roof) of the bomatemaki was fully raised up, Nareau asked everyone to come and sit around him with Ngkoangkoa . Then he said to them, "Now, the roof of the bomatemaki has been separated from the floor as we have raised the top part. This has been a difficult but successful job done by everyone. I will now finish everything that needs to be done to the floor. But before that let me name the roof as 'Karawa' (sky) and the floor as 'Tarawa' (land), and water there as 'Marawa' (ocean) while the heaps of rock must be called 'Ma' (rocks).

After that, Nareau got hold of the log, raised it up and named it the 'Uekera' (tree). He then walked to the mwaneaba, raised it up onto its pillars and called it 'Buariki'.

He went back to his people and said, "This specific spot we are now at must be called 'Routani Karawa'."

Then Nareau continued, "I will now break Tarawa (land) into smaller pieces and spread its pieces throughout Marawa (ocean)."

After saying this, Nareau began his work. He threw some pieces of Tarawa to the east and said, "Be there as 'Matang Mainiku' (land of the east)". Then threw other pieces to the west and shouted, "Be there as 'Matang Maeao' (land of the west)". He threw some pieces to the south and named it 'Matang Maiaki' (land of the south).

He was about to throw to the north, when those around warned him saying, "The size of Tarawa looks so small!"

Nareau agreed, so he seized his work. Then he said to them, "It is no longer 'Tarawa-Rekareka' (large land) but 'Tarawa-Uareke' (small land)."

The floor of the Bomatemaki was now completed!

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