Stories From Kiribati

A place where we could add stories and photos related to Kiribati!

Mauri (greetings) from 'Stories From Kiribati'. This website is managed from the island nation of Kiribati located in the central Pacific.

See the name of the site? That's it - Stories From Kiribati. The name derives from what we publish here. Our prime contents are stories that are related to Kiribati. Our name speaks of what we (dedicated writers) love and enjoy posting and sharing.

- publishing stories unambiguously related to Kiribati.
- offering web space to those who need to publish such stories.
- try providing and upholding different kinds of Kiribati stories.

Our vision is to becoming an active community of creative story writers.

The canoe sailing in the ocean is the site's logo. These figures are significant in the traditional lives of I-Kiribati.

Enjoy reading, exploring and publishing stories - wishing you te mauri (health) te raoi (peace) te tabomoa (prosperity).

Ko rabwa.